Watermelon Sorbet – One Ingredient!

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We had a little too much watermelon left over last weekend, so I froze it in chunks and blended them the next day for this simple frozen treat. We got some beautiful juicy watermelons from our farm box last week and with this watermelon sorbet we have been able to enjoy the taste of summer for a bit more.

I was surprised how well watermelon freezes (tip for next summer).  There is only so much watermelon we can eat in one day – freezing them into chunks gives you a little more time to enjoy and use them.

The watermelon sorbet was a big hit with my kids – they didn’t even complain it wasn’t sweet enough. If you start with great tasting watermelon, there is no need for added sweeteners. Simple syrup and/or corn syrup is commonly used to give sorbets a silky texture instead of getting too icy in the freezer. But if you’re making it fresh, that is not a concern.

You do need a powerful blender to crush up the icy watermelon chunks into a sorbet. Otherwise puree the watermelon fresh and use an ice cream maker or make a granita.

Next time I may add mini chocolate chips or cacao nibs to resemble watermelon seeds in the sorbet. I still have some watermelon chunks in the freezer….

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Watermelon Sorbet
No ice cream maker required, but you do need a powerful blender*.

Half or whole watermelon, cut into chunks, rind and seeds removed
Freshly squeezed lemon juice – optional

1. Freeze watermelon chunks overnight.
2. Place frozen chunks in blender, add lemon juice if using, and blend. Depending on your blender, you may need to add a bit of water or juice to help crush the chunks.

*If you do have an ice cream maker, you can puree fresh watermelon and add the juice with a little lemon to the ice cream maker.

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