Summer Recipe Roundup

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Summer feels in full swing now that all my kids are home from school. We’ve already started making some of our favorite summer recipes and are excited to try some new ones from this summer recipe roundup collection below.

Our ice cream maker is getting plenty of use – we’ve been having lemon frozen yogurt for breakfast with fresh blueberries and homemade granola on top.  It only takes about 15 minutes to turn any yogurt into a refreshing frozen yogurt (look for whole milk organic yogurt for better nutrition).

Another favorite summertime treat is watermelon sorbet. I just freeze chunks of watermelon overnight then blend them in my vitamix (use any high speed blender). We’re also obsessed with these zip top ice pop pouches for freezing watermelon juice and leftover smoothies (or use silicone molds or stainless steel molds).

And I can’t wait for our tomatoes to start coming in to make some homemade oven roasted tomato sauce and paste and freeze them in mason jars and individual cubes (I love using this silicone ice cube trays).

Here is a roundup of tasty recipes you’ll want to make this summer from my fellow real food bloggers;

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