Purim 2013 Blog Carnival

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Welcome to another edition of the Real Food Holidays Blog Carnival – Purim 2013 edition. Link up your holiday recipes, share your menu ideas, and tips.

The Jewish holiday of Purim commemorates how the Jews of ancient Persia (about 2,300 years ago) were saved from extermination by Queen Esther and Mordechai, the leader of the Jews. The story is recorded in the book of Esther, or Megillat Esther. Purim is the Persian word for “lottery,” which is how Haman, King Achashverosh’s top advisor, determined the date for killing the Jews.

Listening to the story (megilla), sending gifts of food to friends (Mishloach Manot), giving charity (matanot la’evyonim), and eating a festive meal (seudah) are the central customs of the holiday. It is also customary to dress in costumes. A popular Purim treat is the hamantaschen, a sweet pastry shaped like Haman’s ears and filled with prune, poppy seed, or other creative fillings.

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