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Pomegranate Sorbet

Do you want to make your Hanukkah favorites Healthier and Delicious?

I made this simple and elegant Pomegranate Sorbet from Nourished Kitchen’s Happy and Healthy Holidays online cooking class – a 10 part series featuring 175 wholesome recipes, with video tutorials and menus to guide you through the holiday season. This recipe for Pomegranate Sorbet is in her first class, Celebrating Hanukkah, launching December 1st.

Make cooking for the holidays stress-free and easy!

If you are not familiar with Jenny from Nourished Kitchen yet, you are in for a treat. In addition to the beautiful photography and easy to read website, her recipes work, taste amazing and use healthy real food ingredients. Her Happy and Healthy Holidays will help you enjoy your favorite holiday foods – pumpkin and pecan pies, roast turkeys, potato latkes, spice and sugar cookies, roast beef tenderloins, candied yams and green beans – the healthy way – without compromising flavor, taste or your budget.

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Pomegranate Sorbet
From Nourished Kitchen

1/2 cup raw honey, room temperature
3 cups  pomegranate juice, room temperature
seeds of 1 pomegranate

1. Whisk honey into pomegranate juice.
2. Chill in the fridge for about 1 hour.
3. Process according to ice cream maker’s manufacturer’s instructions.
4. Serve garnished with pomegranate seeds.

December 1: Celebrating Hanukkah (Part I)

Celebrate Hanukkah with savory kosher meal featuring classic dishes like braised beef short ribs, beef brisket with tzimmes, and a slow-rise whole-grain challah.

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MENU: Beef Brisket with Tzimmes
MENU: Braised Beef Short Ribs with Winter Vegetables
MENU: A Rustic Hanukkah Supper

RECIPES: Chopped liver, nut and seed crackers, homemade olive oil crackers, braised beef short ribs, potato latkes, brisket, stewed carrots and prunes, spiced lacto-fermented red cabbage, spiced apple sauce with red wine, slow-rise challah, salad of winter greens, cider vinaigrette, spiced persimmons, roasted beets, beef and vegetable soup, easy roast chicken, sourdough sufganiot, pomegranate sorbet.

December 3:  Celebrating Hanukkah (Part II)

Enjoy nourishing dishes of baked salmon, homemade gravlax, milk and a variety of cheeses this Hanukkah.

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MENU: Roasted Side of Salmon with Herbs (GF)
MENU: Cheese Souffle with Winter Greens
MENU: Belly lox, Homemade Crakcers  and Other Light Appetizers for Hanukkah

RECIPES: Root vegetable latkes, herbed creme fraiche, yogurt and spelt crackers, buttered winter greens, braised kale, baked side of salmon with cream and herbs, salad of winter greens, persimmon ice cream, cheese souffle, apples with honey custard, butter cookies, mandarin ice cream.

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