My Family’s Breakfast Schedule

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Making a Family Breakfast Schedule

I was getting tired of the daily “what do you want for breakfast” exchange and accommodating different requests, so I sat down with my kids a few weeks ago and together we came up with a weekday breakfast schedule.

What you’re not going to find on our schedule: cereal and milk.

I prefer my kids start their day with substantial protein and healthy fat options. There is a tremendous amount of processing involved to create extruded breakfast shapes with some synthetic vitamins added in to please the label readers.  And downing it with non-fat or low-fat milk doesn’t supply the necessary fats it takes to absorb whatever vitamins might actually be there.

Working with my family’s preferences, this is what we came up with and I’m sure it will evolve over time. I let them default to eggs anytime they want and add a smoothie to supply high quality protein and fats.  This has made a big difference in our hectic weekday mornings. Now if I could only get my youngest to reschedule her “bad hair days”…

Breakfast Schedule

Mondays: Whole milk plain yogurt and fruit

Tuesdays: Cheese sandwich (gluten-free bread)

Wednesdays: Homemade almond-flour waffles (kept frozen from the weekend)

Thursdays: Eggs (any style)

Fridays: Yogurt and fruit

Saturdays: This is my “no cooking day” (Sabbath observance). I put out a buffet type breakfast that may include cheeses, smoked salmon or gravlax, herring, yogurt, veggies, fruit, olives, leftover challah bread, leftover quiche or apple crisp, and whatever else can be found in the fridge.

Sundays: I make almond flour waffles, dutch oven pancakes, or almond flour pancakes – and always double the batch to freeze for weekdays.

Twice a month I prepare overnight slow cooker oatmeal – I try to save that for mornings that I know will be especially rushed.

If I have homemade grain-free granola in the fridge – that can be an option with raw milk or yogurt.

For smoothies I blend 3/4 raw milk, coconut milk, or yogurt, with 1/4 cup frozen fruit, a dash of vanilla extract, a little honey to taste, a tablespoon of coconut oil, and sometimes I add in farm fresh egg yolks.

I’ve also been known to give my kids homemade ice cream or frozen yogurt or even some berries with freshly whipped raw cream.

Also remember that there is nothing wrong with having leftovers for breakfast. This is something I’m trying to get the kids to do more often. Starting their day with a leftover hamburger or turkey breast beats out a cheese sandwich in terms of nutrients any morning. They’re still not buying that idea – though some days they do tend to eat some of their lunch while I’m preparing it so I know there is hope…

My husband and I end up doing eggs more often than the kids (I like to add some quick sauteed greens to mine) or even just an avocado with some scallions or homemade pesto.  When I don’t have time to eat I may just warm up some chicken broth and take it with me in a travel mug or juice some greens (I try to remember to take a spoon of coconut oil on those minimal breakfast days).

Please share your breakfast ideas. What are your favorites? What’s your go-to breakfast on hectic mornings? Are you getting a nutrient dense breakfast in the morning?

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