Mason Jar Blender

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Mason Jar Blender

Make and drink your protein shakes, homemade chocolate milks, or any powdered drinks right in your mason jar.

I was having some of my homemade almond coconut milk that I store in mason jars and wanted to mix in a bit of whey protein powder. So I grabbed the stainless steel blender ball from my Blenderbottle dropped it into my mason jar and shook it up for a perfectly blended drink (see my thoughts on protein drinks below).

I couldn’t find a site that sold the blender balls by itself. But many of these shaker bottles are easy to find, inexpensive, and great for traveling, so might be worth the purchase.

Another option is to look around your kitchen and see if you have a whisk with an extra whisk ball inside and use the ball to make your mason jar blender. I tried this option when making the chocolate version of  the almond coconut milk and thought it worked even better.


A quick note on protein powders:

I’m not convinced that liquid meals should be replacing whole food meals that we sit down and chew (that’s how we get our digestive processes working optimally). I try a bit of whey protein once in a while since I don’t do well on dairy. But not as a meal replacement and always with some actual food so I’m not spiking my insulin from an overload of liquid calories.

Protein powders are still a processed food. I would recommend you do a bit of research before buying any random protein powder at your health food store, the quality and production methods really count. And I would definitely stay away from soy protein powders.

Mark Sisson did a great breakdown on the different types of protein powders and their “biological values” (BV) – one way to measure a protein’s “usability.”

“If you’re not getting enough protein, or you can’t find the time to cook every single meal, try some protein powder. Otherwise, eat a steak.”  Mark Sisson

Also check out this post from Amy Kubal on Robb Wolf’s blog, “wheying in” on protein powders;

“If getting/staying lean and enhancing health and longevity are also on your list of ‘things to do’ – then liquid food will not the best choice make.  Why?  Two-words: Insulin Response… Liquids require less processing and digestion, so instead of the slow steady blood sugar rise that happens with a dose of starchy carb and some protein from real food sources; the ‘shaker bottle’ cocktail results in a zero to 60 increase in blood glucose levels.

REAL FOOD is always the BEST choice!

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