Homemade Lucuma Ice Cream

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Making homemade ice cream is easy. It is not an exact science like baking where ingredient measurement can be critical. Use less egg yolks one time, more cream the next, add a little vanilla, mix in some fresh fruit, etc…

The main reason I make ice cream at home is that I can control the type and amount of sugar. Limiting our sugar intake is probably one of the hardest but most important actions we can do to improve our health.

I use a Kitchen Aid Ice Cream Maker Attachment for my Kitchen Aid stand mixer, eliminating the need for an extra appliance and I can store the bowl in my freezer ready for last minute ice cream making. Though vanilla is my favorite flavor (the combination of egg yolks and cream really does not need much more) lucuma is a close contender.

In Peru, lucuma ice cream is more popular then chocolate or vanilla. The lucuma fruit is native to Ecuador, Chile, and Peru. You can find powdered lucuma online and the raw food section of many health food stores for your own homemade lucuma ice cream. In addition to its exotic flavor, the powder enhances the texture of raw based ice creams. I have a simple two step process for raw ice cream making- mix in a blender and pour into the ice cream maker. This is not the typical recipe requiring a custard preparation, just make sure to use the freshest eggs and cream. Reserve the egg whites for macaroons or other recipes.

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Lucuma Ice Cream
A popular flavor in Peru. The powder is easy to find online or the raw foods section of many health food stores. For a more subtle flavor use the smaller amount of powder.

3 cups cream, either raw or not ultra pasteurized, or a combination of cream and milk
6 egg yolks
1/4 cup maple syrup
1/4 – 1/3 cup lucuma powder
optional topping: roasted pecans

1. Combine all ingredients in a blender. (Alternatively, use a hand blender or whisk by hand).
2. Pour into your ice cream maker according to manufacture’s directions.

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