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Farmageddon Trailer from Kristin Canty on Vimeo.

Why are Armed Government Officials Targeting Small Family Farms?

I hope you took a minute to watch the Farmageddon trailer above, because it’s hard to believe that small family farmers and local food producers could be targeted like criminals for producing healthy, ethical food.

The Plight of Morningland Dairy and Estrella Creamery

Morningland Dairy in Missouri and Estrella Family Creamery in Washington have been ordered to destroy raw milk cheese worth hundreds of thousands of dollars without any reported illnesses from consumption of their cheese. (Read the latest Weston A Price Action Alert for more details).

Morningland’s proposal to have their cheese tested for contamination before being destroyed has been rejected by the Missouri Milk Board. (Morningland Dairy’s cheese was seized in the armed raid at Rawesome, a private food coop in Venice, California, on June 30, 2010).

Estrella Family Creamery is facing similar orders for cheese that has never tested for harmful pathogens. “To me the subject of this whole thing isn’t really about listeria,” Estrealla said. “It’s about liberty and freedoms.” (as quoted in the Seattle Times).

Small Local Food Producers Will Save Our Broken Food System

Both the Dixons and the Estrellas are in a legal battle to save their cheese – their livelihood – and they need our help. We cannot let family farmers loose their land and we cannot loose our freedom of food choice.

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Please donate whatever you can to help sustain both farms while they fight for their rights. If we can get 50,000 people to donate $5, we can save these farms.

Save Morningland Dairy (owned by Joseph and Denise Dixon)

Click here to lend your support to: Uncheese Party and make a donation at !

Save Estrella Family Creamery (owned by the Estrella family)

Click here to lend your support to: Help the Estrella Family Creamery and make a donation at !

Get the Word Out

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Visit Kelly the Kitchen Kop’s Save Farm Freedom Friday to read more about the raids and connect with all the other bloggers who are coming together to spread the word.

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