10 Must Have Kitchen Tools Under $10

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Must-Have Kitchen Tools for Under $10

Some of my most used kitchen tools, those that I reach for every day, are just under $10.

I’m all for a minimal kitchen, but when you’re cooking from scratch almost every single day, having these tools around really helps.

10 Must Have Kitchen Tools Under $10

1. Slotted Turner or Fish Spatula

This slotted turner is really one of my favorite utensils now. It’s thinner than a regular spatula, so it works great to get under fish and other foods. But I use it all the time especially for quick weeknight dinner prep. I roast a ton of vegetables for hearty side dishes and this slotted turner spatula makes it so easy to get under the vegetables and flip them over for even roasting.

2.  Stainless Steel Lemon Zester

There is so much flavor in those lemon peels, it’s almost a sin to throw them away without taking full advantage. This stainless steel lemon zester makes the job of grating those peels so much easier. I also use this for grating ginger – especially for dressings like this. You can also use it for garlic and hard cheeses, and even chocolate!

3. Silicone Slim Spatula

I’ve got these silicone spatulas in every color (great in a kosher kitchen). My favorite use for them – food saver! You don’t realize how much food your throwing out in your jelly, mustard, and mayo jars until you can wipe them clean with one of these spatulas. And when you’re making condiments from scratch, a tablespoon of saved mayonnaise is liquid gold.

4.  AccuSharp Knife Sharpener

Don’t be fooled by this little and inexpensive tool. The AccuSharp knife sharpener is amazing – and I’ve tried those fancy ones with multiple slots. I still use a ceramic steel to hone my knife – it’s the best tool to maintain your knife’s edge, but for true sharpening you need a knife sharpener.

5. Vegetable Peeler

There are two kinds of vegetable peeler, a swivel peeler and a y- peeler (shaped like the letter Y). And I use both depending on what I need to peel. It’s worth having both in your set of tools. Some prefer using Y peelers for potatoes and round fruits and swivel peelers for carrots and thinner, longer vegetables. And I don’t only use these for peeling produce, you can create beautiful raw salads by peeling strands of carrots, asparagus, zucchini, etc… And having both these peelers gives you options on how thick you want those strands to be.

Another great tool to have is a julienne peeler. It’s very trendy now to have a spiralizer to create noodles from vegetables (like zucchini). But if you’re limited in space or budget you can still create those veggie noodles with a simple julienne peeler.

6. Liquid Measuring Cup

For measuring liquids, I prefer to use Pyrex measuring cups. I’ve had mine for years – and I use both the 1 cup and 2 cup sizes. I would recommend investing in glass over plastic measuring cups so you can use it with hot liquids and it will last longer.  There is also an 8 cup version, but I find I don’t use it as often. For measuring dry ingredients I like using stainless steel measuring cups, but I couldn’t find an under $10 version to recommend.

7. Silicone Ice Cube Tray

I absolutely love these silicone ice cube trays. For a while I was using a stainless steel ice cube tray, but they are expensive and sometimes I need about 4 trays at a time. These silicone ones are more affordable and you can measure exact amounts in each cube – the stainless ones gave you cubes of different sizes. I freeze leftover coconut milk, chicken broth, leftover wine, green juice, and all kinds of other things that having these around are a necessity!

8. Ballon Whisk

I use whisks to mix pan sauces and gravy. A good whisk is the best tool to get all your ingredients incorporated from the edges of your pots.  I also like using it to mix dry ingredients in baking recipes. It also works for handmade mayonnaise or whipped cream. You can also whisk up your homemade salad dressing in a large salad bowl with a good whisk then add the salad greens.

9. Blender Bottle Wire Whisk

I’m so glad these are finally sold separately.  I was buying plastic blender bottles just to get these stainless steel blender bottle whisks. I add these little whisks into mason jars to make my own glass blender bottle. It’s great for mixing up salad dressing or homemade chocolate milk. And, yes, you can use it to mix up your protein powders too. If you’re a big fan of protein drinks, I think glass is the way to go.

10. Recipe Holder

I just discovered this Architec Recipe Rock recipe holder and thought it was so cool! So maybe it’s not a kitchen “must-have” but for those of us that like to print out recipes (it’s easier to take notes on paper while cooking), having something small and practical to hold your recipes up is awesome. It’s also a nice hostess gift for someone that loves to cook.

There are other under $10 must have kitchen helpers out there depending on how your food prep is at home – some of the other options I found for under $10 are a set of cooling racks, nut milk bag (great if you make your own almond milk), and mini ice cream scoops (if you bake, these are great to scoop out cookie dough and also to make mini-meatballs).

What are your favorite inexpensive kitchen tools?

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